Remote Patrols
Security & Camera Systems with Internet Capabilities!

Remote Patrols offers web cams with secure viewing and 20/20 vision from any Internet connection on Earth!

A live view of your home, office, cash register, whole business, factory, parking lot, vacation home and more. Record it all, including a nanny cam!

Local networks, VPNs and other secure connections with web cams powered by broadband Internet from Comcast, AT&T, Road Runner or more...

- Remote monitoring services
- Remote Backup of video
- Alarm response services
- Pan, tilt & zoom capabilities
- Two way conversations
- Motion, infrared, night vision
- Training & support

Cameras from Remote Patrols offer 20/20 vision from anywhere in the World..!

If you are interested in installing Internet-based web cameras and security camera systems anywhere in the Northern California and greater San Francisco Bay Area, please send us a note:


We also work with installers in all locations across America.

Nanny Cams - Farm Land - Parking Lots - Construction Sites - Automobiles - Cash Registers
Entries & Gates - Child Care Centers - Lobbies - Scenic Views - Vandalism Sites
Your own traffic cam to see how your commute looks..!

* Remote Patrols is a service of the American Chamber Of eCommerce!











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